Intro: What are you even doing



HERE ARE MY JUICY DEETS FROM MY SEX JOURNEY Also because all of you are perverts it’s explicit af deal with itttt – if you’re in my texts and you show up in a screenshot I obvi know you so hmu and I’ll edit. Wouldn’t it be fun to comment though? Is this my livejournal now sweet jesus.

I decided to get my little butt on feeld so I could be the 3rd in some threesomes because I’m 25 and in NYC and the hottest I’ve ever been so WHY THE FUCK NOT???

In the past couple of weeks I had a couple date where the dude started sexting me then backed off after we met because his gf was uncomfortable (insert sideeye.gif), then I had a couple date where we hung out for 4.5 hours and it was gr8, then I saw a hot boy at a coffee shop who was on tinder and got on tinder to find him and instead have wound up with a bunch of dates coming up this week, plus YET ANOTHER COUPLE DATE LAST NIGHT

Posts will be pw protected, text me for it bbs

All identifying info is edited out!

Part 1: u on kik?


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