Part 1: u on kik?

Warning: these screenshots are pretty much 100% porn. Some people just want the dirty deets but some people are weird about reading about their friends getting fucked??????? So if you’re sensitive skip through, if you’re a horndog, ur welcome


Ok so how did I even get into this shit?? I heard about 3nder (now feeld) from Guys We Fucked (linking it because I love them) and I was like ok I had a threesome once and it was fucking dope and if I do this I’ll be the ~unicorn~

Also, when I was with Colin he was like “I’m taking you to an orgy” AND WE NEVER WENT. He turned on a part of my brain that’s like “Grasso you’re into weird shit” but I will say I already had the app was just too afraid to actually use it. Something clicked in me lately that was like “yes, do it bitch”.

So I get on feeld and update my pics and make a couple of matches. Immediately this dude S (omg could not say his name to his face idk it sounds fake, honestly) is like hey what’s up what are you into we’re into BDSM:


So obvi getting hype about this. He tells me to add him on kik and I was like idk what that is but also I’m pretty sure it’s an app for sending dirty shit.

He starts telling me more about him and his gf and their interests and i was like ok ok ok into it. Asks for pics, which I send bc I am a raging narcissist and love sending nudes so people can tell me how hot I am. But tits only, because I really don’t get why dudes want to see pics of a vag. Also could not give less of a fuck about dick pics. Y’all. I know I’m hot. I am the best I’ve ever looked. He kept saying shit like “you’re so sexy do you know that” YES BITCH I DON’T STYLE MYSELF EVERY DAY TO TURN INTO A MOUNTAIN TROLL.

Anyyyyyyway we set up a couple date bc he’s one bk neighborhood over. I meet them and they’re super nice and like the second we split ways he’s like ok we had fun and then immediately was like “I wanted to bend you over the bar and eat your pussy” LIKE WHAT OK DAMN. I love people that are nice irl and FREAKS. so fun.

Anyway so I was like getting hype lets do this and then AND THEN the next day he was like I’m coming over to fuck you and I started to get a little wary but honestly, I rolled with it because his sexts were ON POINT. Right what I wanted. And also WE MET ON A SEX APP

post1-dev1post1-dev2post1-dev3 actualpost1-dev4post1-dev3

and then NADA. Messaged him “should I assume we’re not having a threesome?” and then like a week later he goes “ya she got nervous”

COOL. THWARTED. but I had another couple date already in the works so I

Part 2: this is our first internet date!



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