Part 2: this is our first internet date!

Read Part 1: u on kik?

Nothing explicit in this one, we haven’t done anything yet.

So this other couple I actually messaged first on the app because they were wearing fur coats on the subway and liiiike these are my people. We didn’t really chat much leading into the date and meanwhile I was dealing with Sexts McGee from part 1. Luckily, that fizzled right when this came back into play.

So I meet them at a Bed-Stuy bar and they’re really nice, but I’m nervous because of my last failed date. But I will note I was wearing a fucking dope ass outfit – vintage ringer T, red lipstick, fur coat, red YSL bag (thx China), gold hoops. So like…I was feelin myself going into this.

We get to talking and I off handedly was like “oh in the other threesome I had” and they both instantly were like “go on…” so already off to a gr8 start. They tell me they were having fun getting ready bc it was their first online date, since they got together before tinder had really hit it off. I think the dude had been on 1 okcupid date. IT. WAS. PRECIOUS.

So they tell me the way they do things is everyone makes a “wish list” and each person draws stuff out of a hat to see who gets to go next. If you’re having a grand ole time, you can call an extension. V democratic, I like it. Also we talk about what kind of porn we like and I’ve noticed that EVERYONE loves r/gonewild. I love talking about everyone’s reddit porn preferences because everyone seems to have them??

I love these people. Omg. We talked about tripping, different weird sex stories that were funny, The Simpsons (also a running theme for me lately), Dallas, having personal awakenings, being 25 vs 30, self actualizations, dumb dates, the art world vs the restaurant industry, watching instructional porn videos, and boogie-ing to James Brown.

So 4 hours into this date (9 pm – 1:30 am. for real.) they’re like we can’t fuck tonight bc of NATURE but start working on your wish list


So the other night I was having trouble sleeping so I smoked a bowl and then started working on my list. I have a hard time w this shit because WHAT IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT???? I’m a freak but I’m new at this.

Here is my stream of consciousness high list:


This isn’t even that good of a list?? Why is this so hard

also please note that I fully planned an outfit in my sex wish list

Part 3: we got the horse head on amazon


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